At Tianlai we focus on our customers health. Our goal is to make every effort to safeguard, strengthen and improve their health. On our customer's list, there are a number of private individuals, but companies that have understood that the best investment they can do is on their employees' health. Therefore, they come to us for injury prevention and treatment for back and neck related work injuries. We find that there is a strong increase in muscle-related stress injuries from sedentary work in front of the PC-screen, which usually results in back and neck problems, as well as headaches. Our therapists are experts in loosening up tight muscles that can alleviate and cure this type of ailment without having to resort to pain medication.

We also experience that more athletes come to us either to relax stiff muscles after exercise or to strengthen the body before various sports competitions.


Whatever will be your motivation to come to Tianlai: We will do our best to give the suitable treatment for every customer.


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