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2018 goes finish. It has been a good year for us with more satisfied customers and more new therapists. We hope we have been able to contribute to lower pain shoulders, more relaxed muscles and increased well-being.


As Christmas is approaching, we would like to remind you that a gift card from us is a Christmas gift that many will appreciate. What is better to give away to someone you love than contributions to better health and well-being?


Gift certificates can be purchased from Tianlai In Queen Maud's gate or ordered by e-mail, now with good discounts. This year we also offer former members new membership with good discounts.


Christmas presents this year:


20 hours of treatment + 2 free lessons with massage for 14,080 kroner.

Price per hour 640 NOK (normal price NOK 880 per hour)


With this we would like to thank you for a good customer relationship and wish you all a good and stress-free work time!


Therapy center



Tianlai is a traditional Chinese medicine center offering professional care and relaxing massage. Our services are based on techniques that are known and used in China from over 2000 years. Our employees have high qualifications and experience in the treatment. We can help you eliminate ailments like back or shoulder pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more.




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