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Tianlai Terapisenter has some of the country's best massage therapists. We have special competencies on muscle related back, neck and headaches, and offer tailored treatments for employees who struggle with work-related body pains/aches as a result of long work time in front of the PC screen. We are located in bright, cozy place in Dronning Maud's gate in Vika, in the center of Norway's busiest business district. It is also possible to make an appointment with the company. We have portable massage benches and can offer massages in the company. We only require to have a room for the massage treatments. Please contact us for more information and non-binding offers. We also offer gift cards that can be used for employee rewards, gifts for business partners, or as arrangements for special occasions. If necessary, we can also provide good and solid references.


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Therapy center


Tianlai is a traditional Chinese medicine center providing professional care and relaxing massages. Our services i based on techniques known and used in China from over 2000 years. Our staff have high qualifications and experiace in the treatment. We can help you eliminate ailments, such as back or shoulder pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more.