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Chinese Massage + Swedish Oil Massage

Enjoy Tianlai's classic massage that combines Chinese and Swedish massage. Chinese massage helps to stimulate the body's points and dissolve blocked energy channels, while Swedish massage treats slowly, gentle and energizes the rigid areas.

Facial Massage

Tianlai's wellness team has high education and extensive experience in cosmetic treatments. We offer deep-penetrating facial care including Exfoliating the skin to give it a new glow. The treatment fits to give tired, dry and lifeless skin a good "boost".


Oriental Relaxing

Traditional Chinese Massage + Oriental Foot Massage


This soothing, gentle and slightly mild treatment combines two different techniques, fingerprints and muscle massages to enhance and safeguard patient health in an optimal way. The essential oil penetrates the skin, promotes blood circulation and increases the body's resilience. The natural plant extracts in the oil make you relax and stress while at the same time feeling the skin softer and smoother.

Nourishing Care

Aroma Oil Massage + Oriental Foot Massage


This soothing and gentle treatment combines two unique techniques in one, finger pressure and muscle massage to improve health to the greatest extent. The essential oil penetrates into the skin promoting the blood circulation and increases body resistance. Pure Chinese medicine and natural plant energy properties make you relax and balance your health and soul with a sense of well-being as well as leave the skin smoother and softer.

Maintenance Rejuvenator

Facial Treatment + Aroma Oil Massage


Rejuvenate with a unique facial treatment in four stages: Cleaning, peeling, massage and a special moisturizing treatment. The treatment has been designed to minimize wrinkles and balance the moisture of the skin. Along with a delicious aromatic body massage you will feel fresh and nice after treatment

Regenerating Balance

Aroma Oil Massage + Body Scrub


In this treatment, scrub the body with old and modern aromatherapy in a relaxed atmosphere. The salt in the scrub helps to cleanse the skin and increase blood circulation, and the pure plant senses used during the oil massage provide energy to the skin and deepen where they activate cell metabolism. Your body is revitalized and gives you a good feeling and radiance

Top to Toe

A special therapy, a combination of oriental foot massage by one therapist and head, shoulder, and arm massage by another therapist at the same time. This will give you a luxurious experience.

Traditional Restorative

Acupuntcture - moxibustion methods


With the latest advance technology in Chinese traditional wormwood herbs and active ingredients medicinal components for therapies best suited to ease illness and for maintaining the Chinese health preservation to prevent further illness to develop further.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy with warm moxibution, done through heating special stones to a specific temperature and then placed on the body's skin and meridian, followed by essential oil massage. Hot stone therapy has many soothing effects for the body and mind, including improvement of blood circulation and the lymphatic system, complete relaxation of the muscles, help the body of get rid of the toxins, sleep deprivation, anti-stress and depression.


Four Hands Massage

Double. Enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing Aroma Oil massage delivered simultaneously by the hands of two therapists, perfectly synchronized, guarantees you an unique experience, removing all stress and discomfort.




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Therapy center


Tianlai is a traditional Chinese medicine center providing professional care and relaxing massages. Our services i based on techniques known and used in China from over 2000 years. Our staff have high qualifications and experiace in the treatment. We can help you eliminate ailments, such as back or shoulder pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more.