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"Your well being - our responsibility"

Tianlai was founded in January 2013 by Chinese therapist May Zhang, with high education, long experience and specialization in massage and alternative treatment. The company currently has six employees, five of whom are carefully selected therapists and massagers with specialist knowledge in alternative Chinese treatment.


The company's vision is "Your well-being - our responsibility". This is a deep commitment from Tianlai's therapy and wellness team to do their best to safeguard, strengthen and improve patient health. Tianlai therefore offers a wide range of treatment and well-being lessons ranging from classical Chinese Tui na massage - a favorite among many patients - to a variety of other forms of massage, acupuncture, cupping, facial and fat removal.


Tianlai's specialty is Chinese massage, based on traditional Chinese medical theory of meridians and acupressure. Throughout the centuries of experience, this form of treatment has proven to be very effective, including To reduce muscle excitement, restore physical strength, improve immune function, relieve fatigue, increase blood circulation, prevent atherosclerosis and "dissolve" meridians. The treatments work effectively against many types of pain in the neck, shoulders and back.


All of Tianlai's therapists are members of the Norwegian Nature Therapist's Main Organization (NNH - www.nnh.no). This is a quality stamp that ensures patients their rights. Therapists are subject to NNH's ethical rules regarding patient care. NNH also has its own ethical advice, such as can handle complaints from patients. The council is required to be impartial.


Our skilled staff

At Tianlai, you meet highly educated and experienced massagers and therapists who are highly acclaimed for their serious work in the field of alternative Chinese treatment. The staff is led by May Zhang, the company's daily manager and professional responsible.


Our main focus is on massage that reduces tension, relieves pain and increases well-being. Our employees have a minimum of three years experience in the subject and can help you with many ailments and problems. If you have questions, please contact us.







MAY Zhang

Managing Director and Therapist

May has several years of experience in alternative therapies and the therapeutic treatment. She specializes in Tui Na techniques, Japanese Shiatsu, reflexology foot massage, and massage for pregnant women. She has been working in DragonFly Therapeutic Retreat in Shanghai as a supervisor, teacher and professional therapist. Afterwards, in Norway she has been working in DaiKai AS (previous name was Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat Norway) for seven years.





LINA Jiang



Graduated Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine University. She has been studying traditional Chinese acupuncture and massage. During the studies she took practice in Hangzhou hospital. She specialized in extremities massage (pain of cervical spine, shoulders, lumbar disc herniation, muscle tension) and treatment combine with Chinese cuppying. Lina's therapy improve health condition and physical fitness or also adjust the yin yang.








Jamies graduated from medical college in China. He has many years of experience in alternative therapies and the therapeutic treatment. He specializes in Tui-Na techniques, Japanese Shiatsu, reflexology foot massage and aromatic oilmassage. Previously Zhang worked at Drogonfly Therapeutic Retreat in Shanghai and Dubai as a therapist.









Ellen was educated in the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has more than 20 years experience.


She worked at Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat Shanghai China as a teacher and therapist. She is specializes in Chinese massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, headaches and similar, insomnia, Cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other treatments.




RANA Krogstad



Rana has several years of experience in alternative therapies and the therapeutic treatment. She specializes in Tui Na techniques, Japanese Shiatsu, reflexology foot massage and aromatic oilmassage. Krogstad worked at Dragonfly in Oslo, before joining our team.








Jason graduated from a five year study at Shenyang Traditional Chinese Medicine School, from Sep. 2004 to July 2009, majoring in Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. He has completed all the courses in Psychology, Jie Jiao Cave, Chinese Medicine Tuina, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine


He worked in Singapore as TCM Medical Therapist , Jing has years of experience in pain management and teatment of acute sprain, pain in neck, shoulders and waist, frozen shoulder, pains in knee and legs, and disorder of small joints.



Therapy center



Tianlai is a traditional Chinese medicine center offering professional care and relaxing massage. Our services are based on techniques that are known and used in China from over 2000 years. Our employees have high qualifications and experience in the treatment. We can help you eliminate ailments like back or shoulder pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more.




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