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As a member you will enjoy lower prices.


An investment in own health is perhaps the most important investment you can make in life. Tianlai therefore offers several different memberships for different needs, with prices varying from treatment type and number of treatments.


VIP Membership Card

VIP members receive 20 hours of treatment for only 14,080, - NOK

Regular price is 17,600, - NOK

You get 20% off for all treatments!



Regular treatment price: 880, - NOK / 60 min.

VIP member price: 704, - NOK / 60 min.



Diamond Membership Card

Diamond members get 15 hours treatment for only 11,220.- NOK!

Regular price is 13,200.- NOK

You get 15% off for all treatments!



Regular price: 880.- NOK/60 min.

Diamond price: 748.- NOK/60 min.



Gold Membership Card

Gold members receive 10 hours treatment for only 8,800.- NOK!

You get 1 hour free!



Regular price: 880.- NOK/60 min.

Gold price: 800.- NOK/60 min.

Silver Membership Card

Silver members receive 5 hours treatment for only 4,400.- NOK!

You get half an hour free!


Regular price: 880.- NOK/60 min.

Silver price: 800.- NOK/60 min.



All membership cards expire one year after the date of purchase.


Therapy center



Tianlai is a traditional Chinese medicine center offering professional care and relaxing massage. Our services are based on techniques that are known and used in China from over 2000 years. Our employees have high qualifications and experience in the treatment. We can help you eliminate ailments like back or shoulder pain, insomnia, nervousness, and more.




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