As a member you will enjoy lower prices.

An investment in own health is perhaps the most important investment you can make in life. Tianlai therefore offers several different memberships for different needs, with prices varying from treatment type and number of treatments.

Membership Massage

VIP Membership Card

VIP members includes 20 hours of treatment

Diamond Membership Card

Diamond members includes 15 hours

Gold Membership Card

Gold members includes 10 hours treatment



Silver Membership Card

Silver members includes 5 hours treatment

Memberships for Waxing Treatments:

WaxDiamond Membership Card

Buying a Wax Diamond membership card will give about 15% on each Wax treatment.

WaxGold Membership Card

Bying a WaxGold membersship will give about 12% discount on each wax treatments.

WaxSilver Membership Card

Buying a Wax Silver membership will give about 10% discount on each Was treatment

All membership cards expire one year after the date of purchase, which mean the remaining value cannot be used after expiration.