Privacy Statement


The privacy statement that applies to Tianlai AS.


This Privacy Statement explains how we collect and use personal information that you provide through our website: It also regulates what options you have in connection with our use of your personal information and how to access and modify this information. We may update this Privacy Statement, so you should visit this page regularly to keep up to date with the current rules.


What kind of personal information we collect:

For booking an appointment we collect the following types of personal information for timebooking:

  First name, last name, e-mail address, mobile phone number 

Information about the customer's timing

When you visit our webpages without booking a stay, we may collect certain information such as:

Information about your IP address, the browser you use, the operating system of your PC, which version of an application you are using, which language settings you use and which pages you have seen.

If you are using a mobile device, we may also collect information identifying your mobile device, device specific device settings, and device information, as well as longitude and latitude information.

When booking a stay, our system will register in what ways and from which websites you book your stay. If this information identifies you as a person, the information will be considered as personal information and hence be subject to this privacy statement.



Why do we collect, use and share personal information?

In connection with bookings: We use your personal information to complete and process your booking.

In connection with customer service: We use your personal information to provide customer support.

For guest reviews: We may use your contact information to send you an email reminding you of writing a guest review after your stay. This can help other customers choose the treatment site that best suits them.

In connection with marketing: We also use your information for marketing purposes, to the extent and extent permitted by law.

For other types of communication: For other reasons, we may contact you by e-mail, phone or SMS, depending on the contact details you have shared with us. These reasons may be as follows:

It may be we must answer and handle requests from you.

If you have not completed a booking you have begun, we may send you a reminder e-mail to proceed with your booking. This is an additional service we think is useful since it allows you to proceed with a booking without having to look back to the treatment site again or complete all the booking information again.

When you use our services, we may send you a survey or allow you to write a review of your experience through our site.

For legal purposes: In some cases, we may need to use your information to process and resolve legal disputes and to investigate and ensure compliance with regulations.

In connection with the prevention and disclosure of fraudulent attempts: We may use your personal information to prevent or reveal fraudulent attempts and other illegal or unwanted activities.

To improve our services: We also use your personal information for analytical purposes, to improve our services, to improve the user experience, and to improve the functionality and quality of our web-based pages.