Pain Relieving

Acupuncture Tianlai treatment + Massage

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical therapies we know today. The earliest records of acupuncture come from classical Chinese medicine.

Meridians are a channel system in the body where qi continuously circulates. The Meridians connect all the inner organs with each other. Each of the twelve main meridians has a connection and name according to the body to which they are connected. At some points along the meridians, qi finds the way to the skin's surface. This point is called an acupuncture point. We have hundreds of acupuncture points distributed throughout the body.

When manipulating acupuncture points, blockages can be removed. In this way, imbalances in the internal organs can be eliminated and diseases recovered. Experience shows that acupuncture is effective in correction of disorder in a variety of conditions and is applicable to both acute and chronic conditions. Pain relief comes through highly complex mechanisms of action.

At Tianlai, we combine acupuncture with traditional Chinese massage for the best possible effect. Although the method can reduce pain, stiffness and improve mobility, it can’t rebuild muscle or repair bone damage that has already occurred in the body. Therefore, ask us for advice first.

Heat treatment with Moxa + massage

Moxa is a dried herb with the Chinese name Ai Ye, which originates from the daisy family, better known as the mugwort. In traditional Chinese medicine, treatment with moxa is described in books already in the 800s. Mugwort has also been used in classical medicine and is featured in Nordic books.

Heat treatment with moxa is considered to provide a good supplement to the acupuncture needles. This ancient mass blend combines both striking techniques to create qi and restores the balance between yin and yang. Using finger pressure, the channels and the circulation are stimulated which makes it possible for the body to be more resistant to diseases.

Cupping therapy + massage

Cupping is an alternative treatment method using a cup as a tool to suppress the circulation of the skin/muscles and in the internal organs of the body where the blood supply is poor, for example after injury. The treatment has been practiced in China for thousands of years.

Cupping can help promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain and improve physical strength. It has been shown to have a good effect on colds, chronic coughs, headaches, muscle tension, various back problems, indigestion, and sprains.

Weight removal therapy

Tianlai offers an electronic training simulator for effective weight and figure control. For optimal effect, this treatment combines traditional Chinese massage. The treatment is done by applying rubber pads to strategic places where you want to reduce the volume, such as your thighs. An electronic training simulator sends impulses that activate your muscles. The simulation is unique because it can vary in frequencies and give your muscles a lot of different impulses, depending on how hard "exercise" you want in the different places. Electronic muscle stimulation, combined with massage, is a scientific approach to fat removal and healthy weight loss without side effects that have been proven to produce good effects. Together with cupping and oil massage, you can boost the digestive system, improve your body's metabolism and help with healthy weight reduction and body shaping.

Ying-Yang Massage

Improve digestion and your figure with our unique stomach massage. Firms and tones stomach while it also relaxes tense muscles and improves digestion.


Auricular therapy + Acupuncture

Prevents health effects of air conditioning. It helps for weight loss, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, improve eyesight. Can also be used for inflammation, pain, dizziness, microcirculation, anti-depressants, anti-allergy, for the treatment of dysmenorrhea and more.