Your wellbeing our responsibility


Tianlai was founded in January 2013 by Chinese therapist May Zhang. High education, long experience and specialization in massage and alternative treatment. The company currently has eight employees. Five of them are selected therapists and masseurs with specialist knowledge in alternative Chinese treatment.

The company's vision is "Your well-being - our responsibility". In this lies a deep commitment from Tianlai's therapy and wellness team to do their best to take care of and improve customers' health. Tianlai therefore offers a wide range of treatment and wellness classes, ranging from classic Chinese tui na massage - a favorite among many of our customers - to a variety of other forms of massage, acupuncture, cupping, facials and fat removal.

Tianlai's specialty is Chinese massage, which is based on traditional Chinese medical theory of meridians and acupressure. Over centuries of experience, this form of treatment has proven to be very effective, e.g. to reduce muscle pain, restore physical strength, improve the immune system, relieve fatigue, increase the body's blood circulation, prevent calcification and provide meridians. The treatments work effectively against pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

All of Tianlai's therapists are members of the Norwegian Society of Naturopaths' Main Organization (NNH - www.nnh.no). This is a seal of quality that ensures extra security and well-being for our customers. Therapists are subject to NNH's ethical rules in customer care.