Tui na is based on the traditional Chinese medical theory of meridians and acupressure. The form of treatment, where we use massage techniques that go deep into the muscle tissue, has over centuries of experience proven to be very effective, and is used i.a. in Chinese hospitals to reduce muscle tension, relieve fatigue, restore physical strength, improve the immune system, increase the body's blood circulation, prevent atherosclerosis and "dissolve" meridians. At Tianlai you will find several therapists with a high level of education and solid practice in tui na, which is the most popular form of treatment with us.


Podiatry has been an important part of Chinese culture for more than 3,000 years, and at Tianlai we have several specialists in the field. According to Chinese medicine, disease occurs as a result of an imbalance in the flow of energy in the body. Our feet have more than 60 points that are connected to the body's other organs. Stimulation of these points can help adjust the balance and cooperation between the body's internal organs, which can provide an experience of increased physical well-being.


An aromatic oil massage is a relaxing experience for increased well-being. You choose which oil the therapist uses, depending on the purpose of the massage. The treatment consists of a combination of ironing and pressure on acupuncture points, which means that the essential oil penetrates the skin, promotes blood circulation, increases the body's resilience and gives a feeling of harmony. The method is well suited for tension and the need to de-stress, but also if you feel tired and need more energy.


Shiatsu is based on modern anatomy and physiology and is performed by the therapist pressing thumbs, fingers and palms on so-called shiatsu points on the whole body. The Shiatsu points are called "tsubo" in Japanese. By stimulating these points, one can treat various pains and disorders, including disorders of the muscular system, nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system. The points are stimulated either softly and slowly or hardly and quickly, depending on the patient's condition and needs. The massage can prevent diseases and contribute to the body's natural healing.


Traditional classic neck massage, using pressure that stimulates channels and blood circulation. The treatment restores a proper balance between yin and yang and makes the body more resistant to diseases, while providing increased well-being. It is an excellent treatment for people who have a sedentary job.


Tianlai's sports massage can be used both before and after activity and training. Here, our highly competent sports masseur uses techniques that go directly to muscles that require special attention in connection with training. This type of massage consists of a mixture of trigger point treatment, classical massage and muscle stretching. This is a great way to relieve muscle stiffness and body aches. Particularly suitable for anyone who plays football, handball, tennis, runs marathons, active cross-country skiing or engages in other high or low level sports.


Expectant mothers who carry babies under the heart should have as many opportunities as possible to relax and unwind, because the mother's calmness has a positive effect on the child's development. Pregnancy massage is a gentle form of massage mainly based on stroking and rubbing techniques to improve circulation and firm the skin. The massage technique acts directly on the outflowing lymph channels, and provides a wonderful state of relaxation, so that mother and baby can meet each other. Each session is about building harmony in the mother's body, strengthening and tightening the tissue, modeling and smoothing. The massage removes fatigue and nourishes and strengthens the skin during a period so special for every woman which is pregnant.