Chinese acupuncture + Chinese

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medical therapy we know today and the earliest records of acupuncture come from classical Chinese medicine.

Meridians are seen as a channel system in the body where qi continuously circulates. The meridians connect all the internal organs to each other. Each of the twelve main meridians has a connection and a name after the organ to which they are connected. At some points along the meridians we find the way to the surface of the skin. This point is called an acupuncture point. We have several hundred acupuncture points distributed throughout the body.

By manipulating acupuncture points, blockages can be removed. In this way, imbalances in the internal organs can be eliminated and diseases improved. Experience shows that acupuncture is effective in correcting functional disorders in a number of disorders and is applicable to both acute and chronic conditions. Pain relief is achieved through very complex mechanisms of action.

At Tianlai, we combine acupuncture with traditional Chinese massage for the best possible effect. Although the method can reduce pain, stiffness and improve mobility, it can not rebuild muscles or repair leg injuries that have already occurred in the body. Therefore, ask us for advice first!

Heat treatment Moxa + Massage

Moxa is a dried herb with the Chinese name Ai Ye, which comes from the basket plant family, better known as burot,. In traditional Chinese medicine, treatment with moxa has been described in books as early as the ninth century. Burot has also been used in classical medicine and is mentioned in Nordic medical books.

Heat treatment with moxa is considered to provide a good supplement to the acupuncture needles. This ancient art of massage combines both ironic techniques to create qi and restores the balance between yin and yang. With the help of finger pressure, channels and blood circulation are stimulated, which means that one can become more resistant to diseases.

Cupping therapy + Massage

Cupping is an alternative treatment method where a cup as a tool uses negative pressure to improve the circulation in the skin / muscles and in the body's internal organs where the blood supply is poor, for example after an injury. The treatment has been practiced in China for many thousands of years.

Cupping can help promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain and improve physical strength. It has been shown to have a good effect on colds, chronic coughs, headaches, muscle tension, various back problems, indigestion and sprains.


The role and efficacy of electroacupuncture

Electroacupuncture therapy is a method to prevent and treat diseases by inserting electroacupuncture into acupoints, and then applying the pulse current output by the electroacupuncture instrument to act on the meridian acupoints of the human body through the needles. Electroacupuncture can regulate and balance the meridians and viscera to which acupoints belong, and can promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain, and restore the functions of tissues and organs in pathological states to normal. Electroacupuncture therapy is suitable for various diseases such as pain, sensory or motor impairment, and abnormal function of five sense organs. For example, electroacupuncture is commonly used clinically to treat various muscle pains such as headache, lower back pain, neck, shoulder, and leg pain. It can improve the efficiency of treatments.

Ying-Yang massage

Influence digestion and keep the organs in the abdominal region in check with our unique abdominal massage. Tense abdominal muscles gradually relax so that the feeling of well-being spreads throughout the body.

Auricular therapy + Acupuncture

Can help prevent ailments and health effects of e.g. air conditioning. Treatment can help lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and can be used for inflammation, pain, dizziness and allergies etc.