Chinese massage + Swedish oil massage

Enjoy Tianlai classic massage that combines Chinese and Swedish massage. Chinese stimulates the body's points and dissolves blocked energy channels, while Swedish massage treats the stiff areas slowly, gently and energetically.

Facial treatment

Tianlai's wellness team has a high level of education and long experience with cosmetological treatments. We offer deep cleansing facial care with i.a. exfoliation of the skin to give it a new glow. The treatment is suitable to give tired, dry and lifeless skin a good "boost".

Oriental relaxing treatment

Chinese massage + Oriental foot massage

It is the best experience in the oriental world! Tianlai offers Chinese tui na massage in combination with oriental foot massage, which is one of our specialties. Sit back and experience the health-producing effects these two treatments in combination with each other will have.

Nourishing Care

Aromatic oil massage + Oriental foot massage

This soothing, gentle and slightly milder treatment combines two different techniques, finger pressure and muscle massage to strengthen and take care of the patient's health in an optimal way. The essential oil penetrates the skin, promotes blood circulation and increases the body's resilience. The natural plant extracts in the oil make you relax and unwind, at the same time as you will experience that the skin becomes softer and more supple.

Refreshing treatment

Facial treatment + aromatic oil massage

Refresh yourself with a unique facial in four stages: cleansing, peeling, massage and a special moisturizing treatment. The treatment is designed with a view to minimizing wrinkles and balancing the moisture in the skin. Along with a delicious aromatic body massage, you will feel fresh and nice after the treatment.

Regenerating balance

Aromatic oil massage + body scrub

In this treatment, scrubbing the body combines old and modern aromatherapy in a relaxed atmosphere. The salt in the scrub helps to cleanse the skin and increase blood circulation, and the pure plant essences used during the oil massage provide energy to the skin and go into the depths, where they activate cell metabolism. The body is revitalized and gives you a good feeling and radiance.

Top to toe

A special treatment, a combination of oriental foot massage by one therapist and head, shoulder and arm massage by another therapist at the same time. This will give you a luxurious experience.

Traditional Restorative

Acupuncture Moxibustion Methods

With the latest avalanche technology in traditional Chinese wormwood herbs and active ingredients medical components for treatment best suited for mild illness and to maintain the Chinese health preservation to prevent further disease from developing further.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone therapy is a heat treatment, performed by heating special stones to a certain temperature and placed on the skin's meridian points. This treatment is followed by aroma oil massage. Hot stone massage has many calming and positive effects for body and mind, including improving blood circulation and lymphatic system, relaxing and relaxing the muscles, helping the body get rid of toxins, de-stressing and depression.

Four Hand Massage

Double experience !. Enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing aroma oil massage, delivered simultaneously by the hands of two therapists, perfectly synchronized, guaranteeing you is unique experience, which removes all stress and discomfort.