Covid-19 - Infection control

We follow the industry advice for infection control, which means a lot of extra cleaning and hygiene measures. Treatment will be as before, but there will be some changes in the room and procedures that are important to follow up. This also means that the number of treatments we receive per day is greatly reduced in order to have plenty of time to follow up infection control and surface hygiene between each visitor.

Hours can be booked as before. If you suspect illness, we ask you to cancel / postpone the treatment well in advance until you have been symptom-free for a week.

Each visitor who is to receive treatment must fill in a self-information form. This can be downloaded here.

We ask you to come to the agreement on time. If you are in place early, we ask you to wait outside (depending on weather conditions) or keep a distance of 2 meters indoors. Therefore, plan your visit so that you spend the least time in our premises. Our therapists will not shake hands, in line with the authorities' recommendations.

We have rooms where you can do hand 

washing before and after treatment.

You will be directed to the room you will be staying in during treatment. Try to touch as little as possible when you are inside our premises. Our therapist will open and close the door for you (except the toilet)
The bench you are lying on has been cleaned and the sheets changed before your class. Contact points are also cleaned before the next hour.

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We prefer that you pay via VIPPS or by using a contactless card at the card terminal.


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